Front view of The Original Dash Cam Wee model number 4SK107


Absolute Mobile 360°

The 4Sight Absolute Mobile 360° is a true full 360° cam.  It has 2-210° lenses which are seemed together to bring you not only 360° horizontally, but vertically as well. This means it has Absolute full coverage, which is why we call it the Absolute 360° mobile.  But why mobile? Because we thought why not make your device even more powerful by giving it true 360° capability.  So now streaming video does not have to be only a flat HD image, but rather an immersive 3D experience shared from the palm of the hand to the world. With today’s new VR devices such as our VR LinX headset, they are the perfect device to experience this new immersive content captured by the Absolute 360° mobile.  


Single Lens

Automatically locks video file in case of incident. 

gShock 2


Automatically locks video file in case of incident. 



Automatically loop records over oldest video files, so you don’t have to manage videos.

1.5inch LCD

1.5″ LCD Screen

1.5″ LCD screen for set up and review of dash cam.


Built in Mic

Built in microphone captures not only everything a driver sees, but what they hear also.


1080P HD

Records in full 1080P HD