Front view of The Original Dash Cam Wee model number 4SK107


 Hidden Home Cam HD

The 4Sight Hidden Home Cam HD is perfect for tucking away on a users property that may be a little ways away from the home and difficult to get wiring to.  It is a complete stand alone motion triggered security cam.  It has a split second PIR sensor which triggers auto recordings in less than 1 second.  It runs off of 4 to 8 AA batteries and has a stand by life of up to 6 months depending on the frequency of triggers.  It also has built in Infrared lights for assisting in capturing night time footage. The footage can also be reviewed on it’s built in 2″ LCD screen in the field.  This is the perfect device for monitoring your property or home when it is nearly impossible or just a major hassle to run wires to a device, the 4Sight Hidden Home Cam is the answer. 


Single Lens

Automatically locks video file in case of incident. 

gShock 2


Automatically locks video file in case of incident. 



Automatically loop records over oldest video files, so you don’t have to manage videos.

1.5inch LCD

1.5″ LCD Screen

1.5″ LCD screen for set up and review of dash cam.


Built in Mic

Built in microphone captures not only everything a driver sees, but what they hear also.


1080P HD

Records in full 1080P HD