Front view of The Original Dash Cam Wee model number 4SK107



The 4Sight Aquaphones are every water lovers answer to keeping the motivational or relaxing tunes going even when they are under water.  Traditional headphones do not work in under water situations as the speakers are tuned to transmit sound through air not water.  The Aquaphones bone conducting technology does not rely upon air to transmit sound but rather the users skull.  The Aquaphones deliver high quality sound like you’ve never experienced before, where you’ve never experienced it before.  So if you or someone you know is a swimmer and a music lover this is the perfect device to keep them moving even when they are below the surface.


Single Lens

Automatically locks video file in case of incident. 

gShock 2


Automatically locks video file in case of incident. 



Automatically loop records over oldest video files, so you don’t have to manage videos.

1.5inch LCD

1.5″ LCD Screen

1.5″ LCD screen for set up and review of dash cam.


Built in Mic

Built in microphone captures not only everything a driver sees, but what they hear also.


1080P HD

Records in full 1080P HD